Geotechnical Engineering Services

Engtec Consulting Inc. excels in Earth and Environmental Engineering services, offering comprehensive solutions to diverse project challenges. We specialize in Environmental Assessments, encompassing Phase I, II, and III, as well as geotechnical engineering services that span from slope stability analysis to intricate foundation design. Our expertise is grounded in an in-depth comprehension of current environmental regulations, soil and rock mechanics, groundwater hydrology, foundation engineering, and advanced construction methodologies.

Our approach at Engtec is influenced by market needs and regulatory adherence, always aiming to mitigate risks and optimize costs. Every project we undertake is with the intention of benefiting both humanity and the surrounding ecology.

No matter the location or conditions, Engtec is prepared to deliver. Boasting a highly skilled team with extensive experience in all facets of earth and environmental engineering, we are your go-to resource for all project needs.

  • Mastery in soil and rock mechanics
  • Expertise in drilling, sampling, and testing
  • Comprehensive geotechnical investigations
  • Advanced geotechnical instrumentation
  • Evaluations of foundations, slopes, and excavations
  • Precise compaction testing and control
  • Detailed settlement analysis
  • In-depth terrain evaluations, land resource assessments, and aggregate inventories.
geotechnical engineering services
Our Areas of Expertise Include:

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Pavement Investigations

Laboratory Materials Analysis

Materials Characterization

Pavement Management Systems

Pavement Research & Monitoring

Preventative Maintenance Strategiest

High Speed IRI Profile Measurements

Non-Destructive Deflection Testing (FWD/HWD)

Pavement Design (Flexible, Rigid & Composite) Using AASHTO, 1993 and AASHTO Me

Navigating Municipal and Private Tenders/Contracts and assisting in claims management and specification issues

This is a direct result of the dedicated service level that is maintained for all projects irrespective of their value.
At Engtec Consulting Inc. the experience and technical expertise that are available are second to none in the consulting industry. This is a direct result of the dedicated service level that is maintained for all projects irrespective of their value.

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