Environmental Engineering Services

Engtec Consulting Inc. stands as a beacon of excellence in environmental engineering services tailored for a broad spectrum of project requirements across various property types – encompassing commercial, industrial, residential, municipal, and institutional land uses. We not only recognize the distinct demands of each project but also design project plans that epitomize both time and cost efficiency, finely tuned to your specific needs.

With a rich tapestry of experience woven from numerous real estate transactions—spanning development, redevelopment, financing, refinancing, acquisition, and disposition—Engtec is a preferred partner for a diverse clientele. This includes property owners, construction enterprises, real estate investors, realtors, local governments, and more. Our prowess extends to hands-on knowledge of regulatory frameworks such as O. Reg. 143/04 and O. Reg. 406/19.

Here’s an overview of the environmental services Engtec Consulting Inc. offers:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I ESA)
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (Phase II ESA)
  • Record of Site Conditions (RSC)
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Building Condition Assessments (BCA)
  • Designated Substance Survey Reports
  • Excess Soil Management Plans
  • Assessment of Past Uses (APU)
  • Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP)
  • Soil Characterization Report (SCR)
  • Excess Soil Destination Assessment Report (ESDAR)
  • Soil Management Plans
  • Fill Management Plans
  • Engage with Engtec and ensure your environmental needs are addressed with unmatched proficiency.
environmental engineering services
Our Areas of Expertise Include:

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Pavement Investigations

Laboratory Materials Analysis

Materials Characterization

Pavement Management Systems

Pavement Research & Monitoring

Preventative Maintenance Strategiest

High Speed IRI Profile Measurements

Non-Destructive Deflection Testing (FWD/HWD)

Pavement Design (Flexible, Rigid & Composite) Using AASHTO, 1993 and AASHTO Me

Navigating Municipal and Private Tenders/Contracts and assisting in claims management and specification issues

This is a direct result of the dedicated service level that is maintained for all projects irrespective of their value.
At Engtec Consulting Inc. the experience and technical expertise that are available are second to none in the consulting industry. This is a direct result of the dedicated service level that is maintained for all projects irrespective of their value.

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