Contract Administration Services

contract and construction administration services

Engtec offers comprehensive contract administration services to clients, ensuring the successful execution and management of construction projects.  Engtec team of experienced professionals specializes in contract administration, providing expertise in contract review, compliance, project coordination, and effective communication with all project stakeholders. With our commitment to quality and attention to detail, Engtec are a trusted partner in delivering projects on time and within budget.

Based on years of in-depth experience, our professionals provide practical solutions to critical issues encountered in the field, considering both cost and technical implications.  Engtec has extensive experience in all component and support elements, including field and laboratory testing capabilities to provide quality control and quality assurance during the construction phase of project, investigate failure and performance problems with all types of construction materials and systems used in structures, agency approvals, detail design, utility coordination, construction staging, and stakeholder consultation and management. Our inspection services include progress documentation, material measuring, environmental monitoring, review of contractor performance and completion/provision of final certification and approval of contractor invoices.

The following outlines some of the contract administration services Engtec generally provides:

  1. Contract Review and Analysis:
  • Thorough review and analysis of contract documents, terms, and conditions
  • Identification of risks, discrepancies, and potential issues
  • Recommendations for contract modifications or clarifications
  • Contractual compliance assessment
  1. Document Control and Management:
  • Development and maintenance of project document control systems
  • Creation and distribution of project documentation, including specification development, bid documents, Request for Information, change orders, and submittals
  • Project tendering, bid evaluation, and contract award
  • Organization and storage of project records for easy access and reference
  1. Change Order Management:
  • Review and evaluation of change order requests
  • Cost estimation and negotiation for change orders
  • Documentation and tracking of change order approvals and implementation
  1. Progress Monitoring, Construction Inspection and Reporting:
  • Regular monitoring of project progress and milestones
  • Preparation and distribution of progress reports to stakeholders
  • Analysis and tracking of project schedules, budgets, and deliverables
  • Identification and resolution of potential delays or issues
  1. Compliance and Quality Focus:
  • Construction reviews, field, and laboratory compliance testing
  • Contract compliance, quality assurance, adherence to project specifications to ensure successful project outcomes
  1. Contract Compliance and Performance Evaluation:
  • Monitoring and ensuring compliance with contract terms and specifications
  • Evaluation of contractor performance and adherence to quality standards
  • Assessment of work progress and milestone achievement
  1. Dispute Resolution and Claim Management:
  • Assistance in dispute resolution processes, such as mediation or arbitration
  • Evaluation and analysis of claims and disputes
  • Preparation of documentation and evidence for claims and disputes
At Engtec Consulting Inc. the experience and technical expertise that are available are second to none in the consulting industry. This is a direct result of the dedicated service level that is maintained for all projects irrespective of their value.

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