Engtec Consulting Inc. is certified by Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL) for Hot-mix Asphalt (Superpave and Marshall) and Aggregate Testing. To download a copy of Engtec Consulting Inc.’s current CCIL certification, please click on the appropriate link:

Engtec Consulting Inc. also owns and operates a Heavy/Falling Weight Deflectometer (HWD/FWD). Our current Certification Letter issued by Ministry of Transportation, Ontario (MTO) is as follows:


Engtec Consulting Inc. operates a High Speed Inertial Profilograph compliant with LS-292 Standard. Our Profilograph Certifications for Asphalt and Concrete Pavements are as follows:


Ministry of Transportation Ontario
Registry Appraisal and Qualification
System (RAQS) Qualifications

  • Pavement Design – High Complexity
  • Soils and Pavement Investigations – Complex
  • Pavement Evaluation – Flexible
  • Pavement Evaluation – Rigid
  • Bituminous – Hot Mix Asphalt Mix Design Testing
  • Bituminous – Hot Mix Asphalt Quality Assurance Testing.

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Engtec Consulting Inc. is an active member of the various associations that operate in North America. These affiliations allow Engtec to operate on the cutting edge of technology and research, that is being undertaken nationally and internationally within our engineering community. Engtec Consulting Inc. is an active and contributing member of the following organizations: