pavement engineering

As a leading consultant in construction materials control, the Asphalt and Concrete Technology group offers services ranging from design to the preparation of specifications to control and quality assurance in the laboratory and field. Our engineering services are complimented by a Research and Development group that has completed numerous challenging projects for clients in the public and private sectors.

Engtecā€™s laboratory facility currently has fully certified hot mix asphalt, soils and aggregate testing facility located at our Vaughan office that is geared towards servicing all clients in the North American setting with quality and on-time testing for projects that range from simple to complex in nature.

Engtec Consulting Inc. offers pavement design, contract administration and inspection testing services on projects of all sizes and complexity throughout North America. With the support of the accompanying laboratory and field materials testing services we are the leaders in the industry.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis;
  • Pavement Investigations;
  • Laboratory Materials Analysis;
  • Materials Characterization;
  • Pavement Management Systems;
  • Pavement Research & Monitoring;
  • Preventative Maintenance Strategies;
  • High Speed IRI Profile Measurements;
  • Non-Destructive Deflection Testing (FWD/HWD); and
  • Pavement Design (Flexible, Rigid & Composite) Using AASHTO, 1993 and AASHTO Me.