general inspection testing

Engtec Consulting Inc. (Engtec) provides analytical services for a wide range of clients both in private and public sector with highly qualified consulting personnel. Engtec construction monitoring services are provided by trained technicians and project/field engineers who ensure that construction materials and practices conform to project plans and specifications.

Engtec offers a wide range of complete pavement management service, construction inspection, field testing, and laboratory material compliance testing relative to civil engineering that clients need for quality control and quality assurance services, research, trouble-shooting and many other applications. Engtec enhance the quality and value of construction projects.

Engtec provides a broad range of general inspection testing services.

The following outlines some of the services
sectors where Engtec routinely provides its
services in monitoring day-to-day field activities:

  • Soils and Aggregates;
  • Hot-Mix Asphalt;
  • Concrete, Shortcrete and Masonry; and
  • Specialty Testing.