Contract administration services

Engtec skilled engineers combine their technical and problem-solving expertise with a strong sense of community and environmental responsibility in achieving value for expenditure for clients. Engtec closely interacts with clients to establish project priorities and required scope of work. Engtec personnel have many years of experience and the ability to conduct construction administration in order to handle any potential plan and specification modifications during the bidding and actual construction phases on pavement repair and rehabilitation projects. Based on years of in-depth experience, our professionals provide practical solutions to critical issues encountered in the field, considering both cost and technical implications.

Engtec has extensive experience in all component and support elements, including field and laboratory testing capabilities to provide quality control and quality assurance during the construction phase of project, investigate failure and performance problems with all types of construction materials and systems used in structures, agency approvals, detail design, utility coordination, construction staging, and stakeholder consultation and management. Our inspection services include progress documentation, material measuring, environmental monitoring, review of contractor performance and completion/provision of final certification and approval of contractor invoices.


The following outlines some of the contract
administration services Engtec routinely

  • Specification Development and Bid Documents Preparation
  • Project Tendering, Bid Evaluation and Contract Award
  • Various Engineering Services during Construction
  • Compliance Monitoring during Construction
  • Environmental Monitoring during Construction
  • Construction Inspection and Field and Laboratory Testing
  • Performance and Acceptance.